Systems Integration

When we talk about system integration, ER Project offers services in several segments of electrical power systems. One of the highly neglected areas in designing and electrical installation is reactive power compensation. ER Project offers calculations that show power that has to be compensated, type and voltage level of batteries used, influence of higher harmonics, delivery of fully assembled cubicles of reactive power compensation, as well as commissioning already installed systems, regardless of the type of controller used.

Application of IT systems is rather common in hospital environments, but it is not limited to them. These systems are used in cases where it is neccessary to ensure higher level of reliability and continuity of electrical power supply. One of the main parameters in these applications is continuous monitoring of insulation level in these systems. ER Project offers to its clients correct selection of monitoring devices, delivery, installation and commissioning to ensure uninterrupted and reliable work in this environment.

Since asynchronous motors are still biggest energy consumers, it is very important to select the optimal way to protect and control power drives. ER Project will select, deliver and commission devices used in these applications, from star-delta contractors, soft starters, as well as variable speed drives for different applications.

Commissioning of UPS devices PLC-s, and especially devices for monitoring all electrical grid parameters is also our scope of work.