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ER Project doo Engineering, design, trade in electrical materials

ER Project doo is a Sarajevo-based company specializing in a comprehensive range of services within the electrical engineering sector.
service in the electrical engineering sector.

Our clientele primarily consists of companies engaged in electrical installations, end users in public, infrastructural, and industrial sectors, as well as individuals seeking efficient electricity utilization, high-quality communication structures, and business protection through technical security systems.

The company holds licenses for overseeing electrical works and designing electrical plans.

In addition to these services, we proudly serve as exclusive sales representatives and distributors for ENTES, a well-established manufacturing company specializing in network analyzers, protection and control devices, and power factor correction equipment. Furthermore, we are direct partners with the reputable German company, Powerwalker, renowned for manufacturing UPS devices.

In the area of computer networks, ER Project doo is a direct partner of companies Kelly and Lande for the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our sales portfolio is complete security systems it offers Automatic alarm.


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