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For clients who are involved in greenfield investments, encounter systemic problems in the operation of plants or plants, or simply seek advice for solutions in the field of electricity use, we offer consulting services, or the development of conceptual solutions tailored to customer needs.

Consulting services certainly do not end in this segment. The selection of circuit breakers, cable types, lighting fixtures and light sources are just some examples of the consulting services that our clients can get from ER Project.

ER Project offers a budget service that shows the power that needs to be compensated in case of excessive consumption of reactive energy, types and voltage levels of capacitor batteries, the impact of higher harmonics. In addition to the delivery and commissioning of fully assembled and wired cabinets of automatic reactive power compensation, we also perform the commissioning of already installed systems, regardless of the type of equipment used.

As asynchronous motors are still the largest consumers of electricity, it is extremely important to choose the most optimal way to control and protect electric motor drives. ER Project selects, delivers and puts into operation devices for soft start of the machines, as well as devices for regulating the motor speed, ie frequency converters.

The selection and commissioning of uninterruptible power supplies, PLCs and network parameter monitoring devices is also within the scope of the ER Project.

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